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Subhan Hospital kharian city, Dr. Tahir Iqbal from Kharian.

An Interview with Dr. Tahir Iqbal (Subhan Hospital)

Dear ApnaKharian Members,

Today we are going to give short Interview to Surgeon Dr. Tahir Iqbal, who is
Specialized in Burn Management.
Specialized in Trauma Management.
General Surgeon
Gynae Surgeon
Ultrasound Specialist
General Physician

Subhan Hospital, Kharian City. Ph. 053-7533058 and Cell: 0300-9518251
0333-8500891 24 Hours

Imran: How are you sir? please tell us about your Qualification and Experience in Medical Field.

Dr. Tahir Iqbal: First of all, i am thankful to you imran, for building a great site of kharian city and allowing me to tell people about my Practice.

I did BSC, MBBS in 1990.
Residential Job in Medicine, heart, CNS, Chest Diseases 1990-1991 (BVH)
Burn Hospital 1992-1993
Ultrasonology Qualification 1998 KIUGI
Job in Gynal Obstetrics 1992 BVH

Subhan Hospital Kharian, Dr. Tahir Iqbal

Imran: How long you have been serving the nation.

Dr. Tahir Iqbal: I am serving since long time, now i have experience of 20 Years Till Now.

Now we have Special Services in Subhan Hospital:
Free Ultrasound for males and females Every Tuesday
Free ECG Every Thursday
Free Blood Sugar test every Monday
Two Free Eye Camp every Year
Indoor Facilities, Single Rooms Attached Bathrooms.
24 Hours electricity available by 12 KVA Generator

Subhan Hospital Kharian, Dr. Tahir Iqbal

Imran: That is great, we see that Doctors charge so much, specially in Medical Operation, how about you?

Dr. Tahir Iqbal: Imran, i am not here to make money, i am here to serve my nation and people of Kharian. We have offered very low cost packages of major Medical Operations.
Our Operation Special Rates are:
Appendicectomy (Apendex) Rs. 6000
Vesicolithotomy (Masaane ki Pathri) 7000
Ovarian Cyst (Anda Daani ki Rasoli) 8000
Fibroid Uterus (Bacha Dani ki rasoli) 10000
Normal Delivery (Zacha 0 Bacha) 1700
Episiotomies (Chota Operation) 3500
C/Section (Bara operation) 10000

Imran: How about medicines used in operation and injection etc?

Dr. Tahir Iqbal:
All includes Medicines used in Operation theatre for Anesthesia and Operation and Two days Post Operation

Subhan Hospital Kharian, Dr. Tahir Iqbal

Imran: These are very good rates for a common person, great. How about Eye & Orthopedic Surgery ?

Dr. Tahir Iqbal: We have Eye Surgery Facilities:
Eye Surgery by Simple Catarail Extraction Daily
IOL Daily
Phaco Daily
Eye Specialist Available 24 Hours Daily
ENT Surgery Daily
Orthopedic Surgery by Orthopedic Surgeon Daily
Pharmacy Available in the Hospital

Imran: What if a poor person can't afford and pay operation Fee and Medicines, do you provide free?

Dr. Tahir Iqbal: In Subhan Hospital, Poor, orphans, widows and needy persons being treated medically and Surgically Since 2004. Free of cost. As i said, i am not here to make money but to help others and provide low cost Medical and Surgical Facilities.

Subhan Hospital Kharian, Dr. Tahir Iqbal

Imran: Dr. Tahir Iqbal, i am thankful to you for your time and more over i thank you for providing low cost medical Facilities to the people of Kharian.

Dr. Tahir Iqbal: Thank you imran for visiting me and its my pleasure to meet you.