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First time in the history of kharian we give you his complete detail:

Ch. Nek Alam S/O Ch. Karam Elahi
played a very very important role in the development of Kharian City, what is Kharian today is just because of his efforts and struggle. His name tells us that what kind of man he was, we should rather call him " Nek " to " Alam " (kind to world). At that time he sent unemployed people of Kharian in Europe, specially in Norway, Denmark and England and the result is that now Kharian is the RICHEST Tehsil of Pakistan. He loved Kharian heartedly.

He was very talented and very sincere with everyone, he belonged to a poor family but he really served Kharian in every way he could serve.

Ch. Nek Alam was born in 1901 and had 4 brothers and 2 sisters, he was born in Kharian. He was a very good athlete and good player of football, other players of football used to call him "Engine" because he was very speedy. He was M.Sc in Agriculture and also GOLD Medallist. He was Assistant Director in Agricultural department. Later he started his business of Real Estate. He was very kind to people of kharian, with his efforts a law was passed in 1951 for Land Workers "Moorsi" who could never buy land. He fought for "Moorsi" and won the case for them and "Moorsi" could buy and have their own property.

Allah blessed him 7 sons and 2 daughters, but he had whole kharian in his heart as a family. He sent out people in England, Norway and Denmark. His slogan towards development of people was "Bhuk Mukao" (Kill the Hunger) and he really did so and made this Tehsil the richest tehsil of Pakistan. He was a creative man, a man of knowledge and respect. About school system he used to say that in exams Question will come from the book then why should a student fail. So we can imagine about his thinking. He belonged to a poor family his father could not afford him to send school but he was very intelligent, he used to write on earth even Mathematical questions. Seeing this his father valued his wish and sent him to school and in the reward he got Scholarship in every class. With scholarship amount he not only continued education but also supported his father financially.

He invented a Desi Machine used in agriculture, you can see that in the last photo, he is sitting beside that machine.

This great man died in 27th Dec, 1982, may Allah bless his soul and Kharian will remember him till the day of justice.

Profile brought to you by Imran Mehmood