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Ch. Asghar Ali Marhoom - Profile - - Kharian City Website.



Ch. Asghar Ali was born in Kharian (1942). He studied in kharian primary school after starting his College in zamindara college, he went to england in1962, he was son of Ch. Gulam Rasool, who was also very respected personality and had done lots of things for kharian he was the one who stood against Fazal Ilahi, He got record votes (he was President .of PML also) but unable to elect because of that time election dandali.

Ch.Asghar Ali went to england and there he also took part in social activities, in 1962 and tried to help other muslim brothers. He was a role model for people (according to the people of kharian) and He started his political career from england their he stood in election from labor party and was ELECTED IN ENGLAND.

Ch. Asghar Ali

His projects which he had done for kharian were. Girls Degree College approval, Land for building, On barasati nala he made a bridge for people of kharian's convince, approval of boys college, Rooms built in primary school, Sui gas in kharian, Wide streets and naliyaan in kharian, Land for graveyard in satar pura. etc.

He was elected more than one time, from 1985 he was elected till his death and even some times no one stood against him in elections, so only in the history of kharian he was the one who elected alone as a chairman of kharian.

These all things he had done from his own pocket and also with the help of some respected personalities of kharian. Mind you  he had done most of his work when he was not elected. ALLAH didn't give him much time although he wanted kharian as a role model city, May Allah give courage to his family to fulfil his dream (amin) And inshallah Allah 'll help his son Asfand Yar Ali in this. He had also approved these following projects as well. He had done with his efforts the approval of Graveyard from distt council  gujrat in Tapala, Maternity ward in kharian again with his own pocket. He always want to do good things for kharian. People call him statue of honesty, the jomer of kharian's forehead, fakhre kharian, ronak of kharian, etc...i can't tell u what people of kharian use to call him, i just want to thank all the people of kharian for loving him alot.

People give example of his honesty, People use to say that even his enemies can't say anything against him, do you know people who tried to participate in election (azad or with other party) they didn't elect but when ever Ch.Asgah Ali supported them and took them in his party they (those unsuccessful people) got elected with the name of  Ch. Asghar Ali. (u can check this if u want). He passed away on 19th roza in Saudi Arab ,where he was gone for his umarah with his close friends.

In Asgar Ali Degree College students did not have chairs and students were sitting on floor. Ch' Asghar Ali's son Asfand Yar Ali saw this, he tried to get funds from Govt. but unable then he personally arrange 500 chairs (FROM HIS OWN  POCKET). There r so many other efforts which they r doing and i hope he will serve kharian same way his father Ch. Asghar Ali did.

People of kharian will always remember Ch. Asghar Ali, not only for his efforts but also for the love and respect he gave to his people.

People of distt  Gujrat first time in history arranged taziyati reference after his death and people from kharian and from distt Gujrat came and expressed their experience about him and his kindness.

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